Luxury and


On The

North Shore

1616 Sheridan Road

Condominium Residences - Wilmette, IL


The 1616 Condominium Association and its Board of Managers are actively committed to maintaining the building as a North Shore luxury residential property. Recent major upgrades include:

Prior to August 2011

  • Completely rebuilt garage & upper deck
  • Completely resurfaced entrance driveway
  • New driveway snow-melt system
  • New lighting on garage upper deck
  • Completely remodeled & refurnished Guest Suite
  • Completely remodeled & refurnished Community Room
  • Halls repainted & re-carpeted
  • Lobby completely remodeled & refurnished
  • Laundry Room washers & dryers replaced
  • Mail Room remodeled with new, modern mailboxes
  • HVAC system in-unit air-handlers modernized
  • Central electrical panel replaced
  • Staff Break Room & washroom remodeled
  • Roof machinery penthouse enclosures repaired
  • Replacement of 10+ original risers with copper piping


  • Tuckpointing & repair of all building masonry
  • Install automatic sliding and swinging doors to enter the building, garage & mailroom with electronic keycard system


  • Modern bike racks in garage
  • Add additional cameras to existing system and upgrade to HD
  • Remodel front entrance and add new intercom system
  • Remodel mailroom with new table and print


  • Balcony repair/replacement with new railing or enclosure and membrane coating on balcony slab
  • Paint all unit doors


  • Life Safety Exit Modification Project
  • Replace three water heaters and holding tank
  • Upgrade chiller software program and purchase new computer
  • Replace chiller control pane


  • Complete modification and upgrade all four elevators
  • Upgrade elevator machine rooms


  • New water drainage system in boiler room to fix water infiltration
  • Replace Atrium sliding door, replace upper deck door and window system and replace guest suite windows
  • Replace Steam Traps for HVAC system
  • Install roof anchors for window washing and to hang stages


  • Building structural integrity study
  • Repair seawall, replace seawall cap and seawall railing


  • Replaced all original windows with modern dual pane gas filled windows and reinforced frames to handle lakefront wind loads


  • Common Hallway Renovation – New carpet – paint – wall paper – lighting
  • Lobby Renovation – paint – wallpaper – sconces – chairs
  • Guest Suite Renovation – Freshly painted – New light fixture & some furniture – New flooring
  • Chiller overhaul with 7-year warranty


  • Rebuilt storm sewer drain in circle drive in front of building
  • Seal Coating and Striping
  • Concrete spauling repairs on garage ceiling and upper deck parking


  • Rebuilt beach walkway from parking lot, including railing
  • Landscaped/Hardscaped the North bluff area
  • New Pool Cover


  • Epoxy coating on floor in service bay, bathroom and breaking
  • Epoxy coating on floor in storage rooms
  • Renovated bathrooms by pool with new vanities, toilets, paint and refinished showers and shower tile

1616 Condominium Association
1616 Sheridan Rd.
Wilmette, IL 60091

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